Thursday, September 1, 2011


Vibra-train, or Vibration training, utilizes vibration plates that stimulate skeletal muscles causing the body to burn energy. It is also effective in lymphatic drainage, maintaining bone density, and balancing hormones.

The trainee stands on the vibra-plate and has to do the standard poses while the machine does the work in stimulating the muscles. The whole workout takes 10-15mins. It is fascinating to have developed a type of exercise which requires minimal effort. However, keep in mind that proper diet and exercise goes hand in hand in maintaining good health and fitness.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

back again

after a looong while!
Had to focus on quite a lot of things over the past year.

Will start updating the blog again or might make a new one.


Friday, March 20, 2009

New Zealand: Luring or repelling Filipino nurses?

Filipino nurses express their concern regarding the changes in the requirements of nurses in NZ.

read the whole article here

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Obama on Health Care

Hopefully soon we could find Obama's stand on hiring foreign nurses to work in the US.

Barack Obama will make health insurance affordable and accessible to all:
The Obama-Biden plan provides affordable, accessible health care for all Americans, builds on the existing healthcare system, and uses existing providers, doctors and plans to implement the plan.

Obama will lower health care costs:
The Obama plan will lower health care costs by $2,500 for a typical family by investing in health information technology, prevention and care coordination.

Promote public health:
Obama and Biden will require coverage of preventive services, including cancer screenings, and will increase state and local preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Plan for Immigration

Barack Obama and Joe Biden's plan for immigration.
(for more information, visit

Create Secure Borders
Obama and Biden want to preserve the integrity of our borders. He supports additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry.

Improve Immigration System
Obama and Biden believe we must fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill.

Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally
Obama and Biden will remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants.

Bring People Out of the Shadows
Obama and Biden support a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.

Work with Mexico
Obama and Biden believe we need to do more to promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal immigration.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Beware of Fake Jobs in US

The dean of the University of the Philippines Manila-College of Nursing, Josefina Tuazon said, “The US still needs nurses but it’s not giving out visas for nurses now. It needs to legislate to provide additional work-related permanent visas for nurses.”

Nursing guide

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brain Death

Signs of brain death

+Unresponsiveness to all stimuli
+Pupillary responses are absent
+All brain functions cease
+No eye movements are noted when cold water is instilled into the ears (caloric test).
+No corneal reflex is present
+No gag reflex is present
+Quick rotation of the patient's head from left to right (doll's eyes test) causes the eyes to remain fixed, suggesting brain death.
+No response to painful stimuli is present
+An apnea test reveals no spontaneous breathing
+EEG shows no brain activity or response